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Go beyond PPC with Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and more

You want your business to make the sale, convert the lead or get customers through the door. Sometimes, one form of marketing doesn’t complete the cycle. Having multiple digital marketing channels is essential for creating a conveyor belt of continuous goal hitting. As digital marketers, it is important that we frequently reassess that world that we are working in. With over 7000 marketing technologies out there to use, our goal is to say ahead of the ever evolving digital wave.

Social Media Marketing

As we rolled further forward, the on-page SEO strategy will Social media has become an essential part of most people’s lives over the last decade. Monetisation for the owners of these apps comes in the form of ads. Comprehensive platforms have been built for businesses like yours and ours to target key demographics and remarket to consumers that have already shown interest in you. Social marketing is now considered a must-have component in the perfect marketing strategy.

Email and Direct Mail

The design and UX of any email and direct mail is often undervalued. Retaining customers is key to making your initial ad spend work for you for longer down the line, rather than one sale, you gain 2, 3 and more. This is why delivering the right content with the right branding and message to your current customers ties all of your marketing efforts together as you build a lasting industry leader.


SEO is the practice of developing your website to achieve higher results for searches in major engines like Google. Having a successful SEO model will mean you are gaining all important organic clicks that are in theory, free. And with Google’s position #1 getting an average of 31.7% CTR, you don’t want to miss out.

PPC and Display Ads

Pay-Per-Click ads are the most common type of paid digital advertising. There are many forms of PPC that form this powerful tool, the favourite remains to be search engine ads. The reason for this is its keyword targeting abilities. The potential consumer is already searching for the terms that you are targeting the chance of a conversion at the end of the cycle is much greater than advertising simply to a demographic. It can also act as a tool to help you improve your online presence and quality score. Advertising platforms like Google Ads serve ads higher in results based on many factors, one of those being quality score. This is based on both the ad copy and the landing pages' relevance to the topic in question. In turn, your content will improve as you make changes to provide engagement content to the user. And the cycle of improvement continues.